6 ways to increase the price when selling your financial advice business

While there is no doubt that the price of financial planning businesses have come back from some heady heights in recent years, there are still some attractive sale opportunities for firms with the right profile. However with fewer buyers out there, those that are looking to buy are extremely selective and are only interested in […]

How mobile is your financial advice business?

This article was prompted by a trend in the very readership of this newsletter that on average is now read on a phone or tablet by one third of the readers. That figure in turn is divided almost 50/50 in terms of readership on a tablet as opposed to on a phone. Should this be […]

How can you secure your ongoing revenue stream?

Many of the advisers that I talk to regularly speak of the dual challenges of earning enough revenue today from new business to pay the bills (while hopefully having a bit left over), and also moving their business model towards building up a growing, recurring revenue stream. While there is a plethora of articles written […]

Are you actively making your sales happen?

Sales in the life and pensions market have fallen off a cliff in the last 5 years. It is estimated at the end of 2012 that the new business market has fallen by up to 70% from the peak. This has been felt by every financial adviser in the country, both in terms of building […]

How tuned in are you to High Net Worth clients?

A number of advisers that I’m working with have put a lot of legwork into getting crystal clear about both their business proposition and their own particular areas of expertise, and as a result are actively changing their business model to work exclusively with a relatively small number of High Net Worth (HNW) clients. While […]

Marketing tips for Financial Advisers

A number of financial advisers have said to me over the last few months something along the lines of, “I don’t have the time / resources to carry out a full marketing planning process at the moment, so what are the 4 or 5 quick wins that I should look to achieve in the meantime?” […]