What Sales Reports do you use?

One of the biggest challenges I have found in running an SME business is managing the balance between the actual delivery of my services and developing my sales pipeline. This is often mirrored in the financial advice firms that I meet as advisers struggle to find time for the structured development of a stream of […]

Do your clients know the value that you bring?

Are you very clear about the value that you add for your clients? Yes, I think most advisers are clear of the value that your advice offers to clients. How good are you at proactively discussing this with potential clients? Hmmm, I think there are a lot of advisers who are much happier talking about […]

10 steps to enhance your brand in 2013

The financial adviser space is a crowded space. There are lots of advisers chasing after a relatively small number of new clients. So how do you stand out from the crowd and get your brand to punch above its weight? This article sets out 10 steps to help you do some early planning to build […]

Good Referrals = Great Business

Finding new clients is a difficult challenge for independent Financial Advisers today, without the large client bases of direct writers or indeed the rich information available to the bancassurers. Many advisers are using new methods through digital marketing channels to meet new clients, however many are also successfully using traditional client acquisition methods such as […]

Enhancing Financial Adviser Websites

I’ve spent the last year since leaving corporate life behind me working with Financial Advisers on delivering some really interesting and exciting marketing activities. Of course the online world plays a significant role in these activities. I’ve found that Financial Adviser websites today differ widely in terms of their levels of quality and also their […]

How to Attract & Retain Top Sales People

I’ve spent the last year working with some fantastic Financial Advice firms and Life Companies. One of the areas that I’ve found really interesting has been observing the different sales professionals at work and this got me thinking….What are the factors that help some firms recruit and retain the best sales people while others struggle […]