Segmentation of clients is no longer optional

Thankfully there are very few financial advice firms remaining who see segmentation as one of those tasks to be done “when they find the time”. Which in other words is never.  There are now so many compelling reasons for segmentation of clients to be seen as one of the most important tasks a broker needs […]

Annual Meetings are your most important client interactions

Annual Review meetings are so important in the eyes of many clients. And if they are not, they should be. And it’s your job to convince clients of the importance of these meetings. This is particularly important as we see the news of Vanguard offering fund admin services in the UK for 0.15% and fund […]

Is it possible to introduce or increase trail with existing clients?

How do you convince an existing client to agree to an increase in trail commission or an introduction of it on pension or investments business written some years ago? How will you answer the pushback that you’ve already been paid? I’m working on the premise that the overall charge is going to increase. Of course if […]

Can niche strategies work for financial advisers?

This is a question that occupies a lot of thinking time of many advisers today, as they contemplate their future client acquisition strategies. While we are seeing some advisers setting minimum hurdle sizes with new clients (either in assets under management or agreed fee levels), let’s be honest, many advisers are generalists, welcoming any prospective […]

Are you the linchpin of your client’s financial affairs?

Business owners and wealthy individuals today utilise the services of a whole range of professional service providers. Typically they have relationships with an accountant, a solicitor, a tax adviser and a financial planner. Pulling all the pieces together into a coherent strategy is a tricky business, and I suggest that (without doubt) the person best […]

Is your website punching its weight?

Financial brokers today recognise the importance of having a really effective website. After all, it’s the first touch point that many consumers have with your business. If you’ve a fairly basic website or one that hasn’t been revisited in a while, here are some tips that can double or more the effectiveness of your website!   Make it […]