Are you pulling the strings for effective partnerships?

Business owners and wealthy individuals today utilise the services of a whole range of professional service providers. They often have relationships with an accountant, a solicitor, a tax adviser and a financial planner. Pulling all these disparate pieces together into a coherent strategy is a tricky business, and I suggest that the person best placed […]

What does a great review meeting look like?

As more and more advisers shift the focus in their client interactions away from products and more towards a broader and more valuable financial planning proposition, the profile of their income is also shifting from a reliance on initial commissions to a flatter and ultimately more valuable ongoing income stream. To justify this recurring income […]

Different people deserve different things.

How many clients have you? 200, 500 or 2,000? Often as your client base grows, it results in your number of staff growing. But the chances are that even with your increased staff numbers, you are unable (and unwilling) to provide a top-drawer service to every one of these clients… Really the question is – […]

Great leaders achieve great things

…and great financial planners achieve great outcomes for clients. As the awful and unnecessary situation in Ukraine continues to unfold each day, most Ukrainians and other observers have been hugely impressed with the leadership qualities of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine. Wars are won and lost by clever leaders. Irrespective of the external factors […]

How’s your hybrid planning model developing?

There’s a lot of talk at the moment about hybrid planning models, and the truth is that they probably mean different things to different advisers. So, here’s my tuppence worth on them… To my mind, a hybrid planning model is one where the best traditional financial planning practices are supplemented by a digital proposition that […]

Are you ready for that big media interview?

For many financial advisers, this is the great break that they’ve been looking for and they can’t wait to get stuck into the opportunity of waxing lyrically about one of their favourite topics. For others, securing a media interview is a prelude to a couple of sleepless nights as they fret and worry about saying […]