The Great 8 in 2020

As part of our series of “12 StepChanges to a Better Business”, we are delighted to announce a new programme that we have just launched called “The Great 8”.   Particularly with the recent announcement from CBOI demanding increased transparency in relation to commission, the justification of commission / fees will be an increasing challenge. […]

Get active in your partnerships

Developing a strong partnership with a professional introducer requires skill, patience and most of all – a lot of proactive effort. Yes, some relationships with the likes of accountants begin with a couple of clients being introduced to you, but this usually peters out if that ongoing commitment to keeping the partnership alive quietly falls […]

Clever generals win wars

…and clever financial planners achieve success for clients. Wars are won and lost by clever generals. Irrespective of the external factors that actually caused the war, they never just wander into it and start fighting. Instead they carefully consider all of the external factors that will impact their success – the strength and condition of […]

Videos – Vanity or Value?

In this latest post in our series of “12 StepChanges to a better business”, we briefly set out our thinking on the benefits of video marketing. Financial advisers often raise the question of the effectiveness of video marketing. Some see it as a vanity project, as an expensive activity that yields very poor results. And […]

How many hats do you wear?

Do you remember the “old days”, when a financial adviser was someone who simply found the best financial product for clients? Do you yearn for those days again? My bet is that most of you don’t…. I know from conversations that you don’t miss those days of second guessing yourself all the time with regard […]

Dealing with dementia in clients

We hear and read a lot of commentary about the challenges that Ireland’s ageing population is posing to the state old-age pension scheme and indeed to pension policymakers. The statistics are indeed quite frightening as we see the scale of the growing population of elderly people being dependent on a smaller workforce. There was a […]