How to Attract & Retain Top Sales People

I’ve spent the last year working with some fantastic Financial Advice firms and Life Companies. One of the areas that I’ve found really interesting has been observing the different sales professionals at work and this got me thinking….What are the factors that help some firms recruit and retain the best sales people while others struggle […]

Email Marketing

Email Marketing by Financial Advisers

I’ve been really impressed over the last few months by the excellent use of email as a marketing tool by some financial advisers. While some “digital experts” suggest that email has been replaced by social media, I’m not an advocate of that point of view. I firmly believe that email should play a leading role […]

Why is MY client talking to him?

How many financial advisers have bumped into an existing protection client to be told that the client recently put in place his pension / investment with another adviser or a bank? Why would your client go elsewhere? Could it be because your client doesn’t know the breadth of your product proposition or maybe would just […]

Help! Where do I get my Content?

Lots of financial advisers that I talk to identify a common challenge to me. Usually they say something along the lines of; “I know that I need to keep my website updated with fresh content and I know that I can stand out from other advisers by sharing good content with my connections through my […]

The Power of Partnerships

It’s now 6 months since I left corporate life to join the ranks of the SME owners, helping financial advisers and insurance brokers across the country to develop revenue generating marketing and business development strategies. One area of the market that has very pleasantly surprised me in the market has been the proliferation of all […]

Effective Newsletters for Financial Advisers

I know that quite a number of financial advisers like to communicate with existing clients through newsletters which can be effective if the required level of commitment is put into them. I’m going to start by pinning my colours to the mast….. I’m not a huge fan of them as too often they fall by the […]