Marketing tips for Financial Advisers

A number of financial advisers have said to me over the last few months something along the lines of, “I don’t have the time / resources to carry out a full marketing planning process at the moment, so what are the 4 or 5 quick wins that I should look to achieve in the meantime?” […]

How’s your sales presentation?

Successful brokers use great sales presentations. Always in my experience. How good is yours? As part of my work with brokers, I ask them to show me their sales presentations. Some look blankly at me, some fish out a hodgepodge of PowerPoint slides that have obviously been cut and pasted from different presentation over the years. However […]

How to succeed with B2B sales

Financial advice firms today recognise the significant benefits that accrue from having a rich client base of companies. Whether they are large corporates or SME’s, companies offer fertile ground for advisers as they can open up a wide range of opportunities to advise not only the company, but also the individual directors and the employees […]

Are you planning to increase your sales in 2013?

Are you planning to increase your sales in 2013? The 2 key words here being “planning” and “increase”. Do many advice firms just continue on in a never-ending sales cycle without proper planning? Well of course some do. However these businesses are really missing the opportunity to reinvigorate their sales effort every year. Carrying out […]

Ready, Steady, Go for 2013!

Yes, it’s time to start planning for 2013 if you haven’t started already as now is the time to get your business in shape for a fast start next year. When it comes to your marketing plans, there are a few areas that you should consider to both maximise your chances of success and to reduce […]

Good data = more sales for financial advisers

Financial brokers and advisers today are becoming very aware of the role good customer data plays in generating sales. It provides excellent insights into their customers, enables robust decision making and provides the necessary foundation for successful marketing activities. Good data of course is central to your service and ongoing advice to clients. You need […]