Help! Where do I get my Content?

Lots of financial advisers that I talk to identify a common challenge to me. Usually they say something along the lines of; “I know that I need to keep my website updated with fresh content and I know that I can stand out from other advisers by sharing good content with my connections through my […]

The Power of Partnerships

It’s now 6 months since I left corporate life to join the ranks of the SME owners, helping financial advisers and insurance brokers across the country to develop revenue generating marketing and business development strategies. One area of the market that has very pleasantly surprised me in the market has been the proliferation of all […]

Effective Newsletters for Financial Advisers

I know that quite a number of financial advisers like to communicate with existing clients through newsletters which can be effective if the required level of commitment is put into them. I’m going to start by pinning my colours to the mast….. I’m not a huge fan of them as too often they fall by the […]

5 Tips to Optimising your LinkedIn Presence

A lot of financial advisers now realise that LinkedIn has emerged as the premier medium for building and retaining a network of business contacts. However many don’t realise the full potential that LinkedIn offers them. In this article, I offer 5 tips that will help advisers to maximise the benefits that they can get from […]

5 Tips for Engaging Presentations by Financial Advisers

A popular sales tool used by financial advisers is hosting seminars for both prospective and current clients. In this article I’m assuming that you are crystal clear on your objectives for the presentation and on your message to be delivered. Here are 5 tips to maximise the impact of your presentation at the seminar and to […]

5 Tips for Effective Marketing Planning by Financial Advisers

At least every year, financial advisers need to take time out from their day to day business and put structured plans in place to help drive their business forwards. . Central to this process is (or should be!) a well-developed marketing plan that will support you and your staff in achieving your business objectives. This […]