How do you stop your clients from blowing up their plans?

I hear the stories from advisers every day… the client who simply knows better, who knows that now is the time to enter / exit the markets or to switch asset allocations because of a stroke of genius that they have had. I’m not proud to admit it, but I have been that client too, […]

Are you happy your value and cost propositions are right?

Lots of the conversations that we’re having with financial advisers are in relation to the ongoing value you are providing, and the cost being charged for delivery of that value. However if we are to be completely truthful, it doesn’t always start out from that point…. Quite a number of the conversations start out from […]

Where else can you add value in Estate Planning?

Estate planning has become a routine and valued part of the advice offered by financial planners today. As you work with clients particularly on their post-retirement financial planning needs, the questions and attention inevitably turn to what happens with the balance of wealth at death. Of course the strategies that you advise about don’t commence […]

Are you asking the right questions when buying a book?

We have written before on this very topic, but as there is lots of activity currently in the Irish market, we’ve developed our latest thinking to help you ensure that you get maximum bang for your buck when buying a book of business.   The last few years have generally been very good times for […]

The Great 8 in 2020

As part of our series of “12 StepChanges to a Better Business”, we are delighted to announce a new programme that we have just launched called “The Great 8”.   Particularly with the recent announcement from CBOI demanding increased transparency in relation to commission, the justification of commission / fees will be an increasing challenge. […]

Get active in your partnerships

Developing a strong partnership with a professional introducer requires skill, patience and most of all – a lot of proactive effort. Yes, some relationships with the likes of accountants begin with a couple of clients being introduced to you, but this usually peters out if that ongoing commitment to keeping the partnership alive quietly falls […]