Develop Existing Clients

Managing and maintaining existing client relationships is another vital part of any successful business. If leveraged correctly existing clients also have a huge potential to provide you with more business.  It is usually easier, quicker and cheaper to get business from an existing client than it is to attract a new one.  You already have their trust, which is often the hardest part of the process to achieve. Now you need to maintain that trust and manage the relationship.

Building Clients for Life

Client relationship management is the strategies, processes, and systems that we can put in place to help you develop ‘clients for life’.

Take a few moments and think of all the inactive customer files you have in your filing cabinet. It’s a costly mistake to service a customer once and then assume “they’ll stay” as a customer without maintaining and growing that relationship.  A year later the customer is gone and you are wondering what happened to that customer, where they went and why?

There are many reasons a customer may leave you -sometimes it’s as simple as they felt you didn’t care.

At StepChange, we help you plan how you are going to engage your existing customers on an ongoing basis so that they don’t leave you. We help you build a wall around your best clients and re-awaken dormant existing client relationships. We help you cross-sell better – by developing clear and engaging cross-selling propositions for your clients to show them the value of broader discussions with you. We help you demonstrate the value that you bring to your clients on an ongoing basis through your ongoing service and also your client reviews.

Our aim is to build a robust communication platform to stay in touch with your existing clients in a manageable way.  You can then focus on what you do best – giving financial advice.

In fact if you wish, we can manage your whole client communication process for you – we can write content and manage the process. We use a wide range of tools to maximise effectiveness and also work within your financial budgets.