Digital Marketing for Advisers

Many Irish people are now using digital technology in their everyday lives. Customers are using the online space to:

  1. Find an adviser
  2. Research your credentials
  3. Decide whether your proposition is likely to meet their needs
  4. Be educated in financial services areas
  5. Understand products

If your online presence is not helping customers tick all of these boxes, you’re missing out….

So it’s important to consider how the online space and digital marketing impacts on your business.

Digital Marketing is the promotion of your products and services using all forms of digital channels such as: TV, Radio, Internet, Mobile, Social Media Marketing and any other form of digital media.

The digital media landscape is constantly evolving and providing new opportunities for businesses to communicate, engage with and sell to customers. Social Media is also fast becoming a must have communication tool in this new ‘digital’ age.

At StepChange we can help you understand what tools are right for your business to help you achieve your objectives. We will help you:

  • Get a website up and running
  • Re-write the content for your existing website
  • Develop your social media approach and build a compelling presence
  • Engage your clients through the web
  • Develop a stream of content to engage clients and position you as a thought leader
  • Use your content across multiple platforms online
  • Deliver your online communications for you – via online newsletter, blogs, social media.