With 28 years of experience in a variety of commercial roles within the Financial Services sector, there are probably not too many sales and marketing challenges out there that we have not faced at some stage before! Are you facing challenges such as those below?

  • 1You need to revitalise your sales organisation and develop a new sales strategy to meet the challenges of today.
  • 2You want to enter new markets, either new product segments or completely new lines of business and want someone to guide you through this process.
  • 3You want to revitalise your marketing organisation and develop a marketing strategy to connect with today’s consumers, utilising all of the latest communication channels.
  • 4You want to roll out a new marketing proposition and want someone to guide this piece of work or indeed deliver it on your behalf.
  • 5You want to simply increase the pace of your commercial operation. At StepChange, we do what it says on the tin!

Eamonn Twomey has done all of the above at various stages over the last few years. Why not have a cup of coffee with him and get him to set out how he might help you to overcome your particular challenge?