Economic Analysis & Strategy Development

Are you a trade organisation or industry body struggling to get to grips with the enormous changes that are happening in your world today? Do you need to understand the economic impacts on your sector and get help in how best to deal with the challenges in to the future? Well, in conjunction with Jim Power Economics, Eamonn can facilitate a full review of the economic backdrop to your industry and assist industry bodies in developing their future strategy.

Jim Power is probably Ireland’s most well-known and respected economist. Building on deep insights into the macroeconomic background, you will gain a clear understanding of the economic environment that is relevant to your sector in general and your organisation specifically. This is achieved through a range of primary and secondary research tools including interviews, desk based research, surveys and data analysis.

Eamonn Twomey’s expertise lies in the development and implementation of key strategic initiatives, including the development of commercial strategy, entry strategies to new markets and revitalising brands. We can help you to establish some fresh perspectives for your organisation and will work with you to identify a range of options for your future direction. We’ll then help you to make the critical choices and will help you to develop a set of operational programmes to ensure your choices are achieved.

We can also help you to implement your chosen options and can assist with the communication of the outputs from either / both the economic analysis phase and the strategy development phase via media support, conference speaking etc.

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