Sales Strategy

Developing a robust sales strategy gives you valuable focus on your customers, your market and your own internal capabilities, and then gives you a roadmap to leverage your opportunities. It enables you to identify and execute the sales activities needed to achieve your goals. It also helps you identify dependencies your sales team have on other areas of your business to help them achieve their numbers.

So how can StepChange help you to develop a sales strategy that will put you out in front of your competition? Well there are 2 main stages to the process. The Research Phase and the Strategy Development Phase.


Research Phase

We’ll analyse your numbers

First of all, we’ll help you identify the key metrics for your business. We’ll help you review your previous performance and then at a later stage, we’ll help you set challenging yet achievable targets for your business. What level of income do you need, what level of assets under management do you need to secure, how many new customers do you need?  We’ll ensure you are crystal clear about exactly what is needed to ensure you can achieve and indeed exceed your business expectations.

Make sense of your business environment

There are lots of factors at play in the market over which you’ve no control that will impact your sales effort – some positive, others negative. We’ll help you to identify these at the outset. How will you leverage the positive impacts or deal with the challenges put in your path?

Know your customers

We’ll help you to get crystal clear on your target markets. Otherwise you’re just throwing darts in the dark and hoping they land. We’ll help you identify your markets, segment your markets and then develop targeted propositions for each customer group.

Why will YOU win?

What are the unique strengths and opportunities that will help you stand apart from your competitors? What areas of your proposition, your skill set or your relationships can you leverage to your benefit? On the other hand, what weaknesses do you have, gaps that your need to close or particular threats that you need to prepare to deal with? At StepChange we help you analyse your own attributes and develop plans to best use them.

Plan to beat your competitors

Who are your competitors, what are their particular strengths and weaknesses and what strategies do you need to win against each of them? We’ll help you to analyse your competitors and develop strategies to beat them.


Strategy Development Programmes

Once the research phase is completed, we then help you to define your sales objectives and develop programmes to achieve them. These will centre on achieving your numbers but will also focus on a range of other areas to make your sales organisation stronger in the medium to long term. Examples of programmes that may be required include;

  • Develop a sales activity plan to ensure your targets are achieved this year. Read more…
  • Ensure your sales team have the required skills and competencies to win
  • Improve your sales processes
  • Create a fair and rewarding performance management system
  • Ensure your business objectives and sales reward structures are aligned
  • Ensure your sales structure is designed to deliver the best results possible

So if you would like help with your sales strategy, please give us a call!