The Great 8 in 2020

As part of our series of “12 StepChanges to a Better Business”, we are delighted to announce a new programme that we have just launched called “The Great 8”.


Particularly with the recent announcement from CBOI demanding increased transparency in relation to commission, the justification of commission / fees will be an increasing challenge. A number of advice firms have now fully completed our comprehensive “Getting to 1%” programme, with 3 advice firms also currently in the middle of it. This programme will help those firms hugely in relation to the justification of commission. Some other advisers have requested a shorter programme, focused only on the customer facing marketing collateral. To meet this demand, we are delighted to launch The Great E8. This programme consists of 8 marketing supports to be delivered,
  1. Development of your Client Value Proposition: The value you add, how you advise at the initial advice stage, articulation of your on-going service packages, review meetings, how much it costs, how it is paid for (fee / commission) etc.
  2. Development, writing and delivery of a personalised bi-monthly email client newsletter for a period of 2 years
  3. Updating the newsletter content to your website and sharing on LinkedIn for 2 years
  4. Development and design of a client brochure to be used as a hand-out at all prospect meetings, at next meetings with all clients & supply to be given to introducers – 6 page A5.
  5. A workshop on the effective use of LinkedIn
  6. Development of a 6-10 slides credentials presentation (including development of PowerPoint template) for 1st meeting – covering Advice proposition, Investment philosophy, Service packages, Review meetings, credentials / endorsements etc.
  7. Re-writing of 10 pages of website content for provision to your web developer
  8. Development & design of 4 Service Overviews (Pensions / Investments / Protection / Review meetings) that set out the depth of your services and demonstrate the work involved (justifying both initial and ongoing remuneration).
If you would like more information about The Great 8, please contact Eamonn at or at 086 2519895. Our only constraint is our capacity, so contact us early to avoid disappointment.