About Stepchange

StepChange is a marketing and strategy business that works predominately with financial advisers and other professional services firms to help them with their marketing and business development challenges. We help our clients to attract more customers and then to retain them forever.

We help our clients to develop and deliver revenue-generating and measurable marketing plans to enhance their businesses. This is done in a very collaborative manner, with StepChange adding excellent market insights along the way.

What makes StepChange different? Well its founder Eamonn Twomey is steeped in experience in dealing with commercial challenges in the financial services sector. He has a deep range of experiences in dealing with strategy, sales and marketing challenges at a senior level in both the Irish and UK markets. Also he defines success by business results. Relevant measures are a key feature of all the work undertaken.

The StepChange approach is not to try and tell you your business. What we do is guide you to question your business across a range of dimensions and help you to choose the right future direction to deal with your challenge. This happens through a mix of collaboration with your senior team, and separate research and analysis carried out by StepChange.

Eamonn Twomey

Eamonn Twomey

StepChange was founded by Eamonn Twomey in 2011. For the previous 27 years, Eamonn had worked in a variety of different senior commercial roles in the UK and Ireland in the Financial Services sector. He holds a First Class Honours MBA from the Smurfit School of Business UCD and is a Qualified Financial Adviser.

Eamonn founded StepChange to finally bring to fruition a long-held desire to work in an entrepreneurial environment. He also firmly believes that independent financial advisers and other business professionals have a powerful story to tell, and that they simply need help to unlock this potential.