What’s your advice business worth (to someone else)?

This is the first in a two part-series of articles that examines the sale of financial advice firms. In this initial article, we consider the various valuation methods that can be used to place a value on your business. Next month we’ll take a look at some of the ways that you can (positively) influence […]

What’s the right charging structure for you?

Trail commission. Is it the silver bullet that enables Financial Brokers to be paid for the value they add, to build value in their businesses and eventually sell the business at a healthy multiple? Or is it a somewhat opaque way for advisers to be paid, sometimes with very tenuous links between the value provided […]

How’s that winning team of yours?

So here we are again at this stage in the market cycle… Even though the economic picture is somewhat cloudy, activity remains high in most advice firms, income is holding up and one of the biggest challenges for many firms is beefing up their advice teams. Those who are recruiting are looking to pick up […]

What’s the right niche for your business?

As someone who runs a niche business myself, concentrating solely on the financial advice sector, I’m a real believer in the potential to run a niche financial advice business. I’m also aware of lots of financial advice businesses that are pursuing niche strategies. I’ve written before about how niche strategies can make your life so […]

Apps that I’m using more and more

Every summer I give one of these articles over to the subject of apps that I use regularly. This year I’ve steered clear of any financial apps and have focused on apps (desktop and/or phone) that make my working life easier. I’m finding that the more I use them, the more uses I find for […]

Building bridges with the next generation – Part 2

This is the second in a two-part article on expanding your client base into the next generation of younger clients, by accessing the children of your clients. In last month’s article we looked at how you might build links with these younger potential clients.  In this second instalment, we’re going to consider some of the […]