Turbo charge your business in 2022

What am I doing, talking about 2022 already? Well I’m not asking you to wish your life away, but quite a number of financial advisers have observed that August and early September are quieter times for them. And this quiet time offers an opportunity to do some planning for your business. You should always be […]

You’re fired

It’s hard enough to get clients in the first place, I hear you say… But sometimes relationships just don’t work out and it’s time to part ways. This arises relatively infrequently in personal relationships, and it also arises fairly rarely in adviser / client relationships. But just as it doesn’t make sense to stay in […]

10 years later and I’m still here…

Passing the milestone this month of 10 years of self-employment looks like it has taken its toll on me a bit… Ok in truth I’m not quite that old looking or worn out by working for myself. In fact, I’m not worn out at all, as the last decade has been by far the most […]

10 years on – what’s changed in the financial advice community in Ireland

For the last 10 years, I’ve had the privilege of working directly and very closely with many of the very best financial planners and brokers in Ireland. So what have I learned about you in that time?   You are the most resilient bunch Back in 2011, many of you were on your knees, as […]

How to write a great Financial Broker video script

Lots of Financial Brokers recognise the power of a really good video that you can use on your website and through other communication channels. We’re seeing a big upsurge in enquiries about them. While of course the look, style and general production quality of the video are really important, the script is probably the most […]

6 great apps that make my life easier

Every summer I give one of these articles over to the subject of apps that I use regularly. This year I’m mentioning 6 apps that I use regularly and that make my work / financial life a little easier to manage. I’ve mentioned some of these before – the more I use them, the more […]