Engage your Distributors

At StepChange, we have 28 years of experience in working with independent sales intermediaries. As a result we’ve built up a wealth of experience in engaging with external distributors and maximising the relationship to the benefit of both the product manufacturer and the distributor. We can help you deepen your relationships with these external partners in a range of different ways.


Are there particular insights that you wish to gain in relation to the distributors that you are working with? By gaining a deeper knowledge of their drivers and issues, could you enhance your relationships with them?

With our deep knowledge of the intermediary market and our experience in a wide range oof research projects, we are expertly placed to help you develop great insights into your distributors and end customers. We have experience in gathering insights by a range of methods; surveys, focus groups and individual interviews. We also have experience of gathering information through face-to-face interviews as well as phone based and online surveys. So call StepChange if you want to gain insights into your marketplace.

Workshops & Seminars

Are there areas of commercial activity that you want to add value to your distribution partners in, but don’t have the in-house time or skills to deliver? StepChange can help in many such areas, either with groups of distributors or indeed working one-to-one with some of your business partners. We have worked with intermediaries in the following areas;

  • Strategy development
  • Sales planning
  • Marketing planning
  • Account management

Social Media

The world of marketing is evolving in response to changing business and customer environments. Traditional marketing methods such as advertising, sponsorship, seminars, entertainment and direct marketing are no longer enough on their own.  At StepChange we recognise the challenge that this causes distributors.  By using new and effective communication methods, we can help financial advice businesses to:

  • attract and engage new customers
  • build relationships with existing customers
  • cross sell to existing customers.

The aim is no longer to talk ‘at’ customers. Now it’s important to engage customers, primarily by producing ‘content’ (often online) that customers value and by reaching them through new media. Many of these new methods are free and often just take time. At StepChange we can help your business partners develop engaging content that helps them convert prospects into leads and ultimately into sales.

While traditional marketing is not dead, it is not enough on its own any more. At StepChange, we can show your distributors how to use all the latest tools that are available to them.