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So what happens after your event?

At the Financial Broker conference last week, lots of people remarked to me how good it was to be out at an event again. For some, this was the first time in a busy room again… For some others, they have been running webinars for clients during Covid, but are now back setting up face-to-face […]

The Financial Broker market in Ireland today

We were delighted to be asked by Brokers Ireland in 2022 to complete an extensive research project to develop a future-facing view of what the Financial Broker sector will look like in 2030. The primary purpose of the research was to inform Brokers Ireland as to how they can shape their objectives and support services […]

Lessons from other industries

Going back to my days in college, I can recall a number of the key marketing principles that were ground into me; the importance of research and knowing your customer, understanding buyer behaviour and the role of the four P’s (product, price, place and promotion) among others. However in my day-to-day work with financial brokers […]

Help your clients retire well

One of the primary reasons why clients reach out to financial planners is to plan for financial security in retirement. Of course, financial planners today deliver far more than helping clients to simply save money for the future. You help clients to visualise what their retirement will look like, you put a cost on this […]

Succession planning in a family advice business

While there has been a very welcome influx of young, qualified individuals into the financial advice profession in recent years, a significant proportion of successful advice businesses continue to be led by older, experienced advisers who built up these businesses from scratch. A high number of these businesses have seen children of the owner join […]

Can men multitask?

Did that get your attention? Not being a member of the fairer sex, I’m sometimes accused at home of taking too long to get things done or only doing one thing at a time. However this piece is definitely not a man v woman piece, instead I hope it reminds you of the ability and incredible […]