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Should you put details of your fees and charges on your website?

This could be the single question I’m most frequently asked… Of course, I’m not talking about what you are required to show on your website in relation to commissions received, as outlined by the Central Bank. Let’s be honest, the information provided is often “as clear as mud” and raises as many questions as it […]

Getting help to communicate with existing clients and prospects

Maybe about once every year or two, we include an article in our newsletter that’s a bit of a sales pitch. This is one of those rare occasions! But it’s not without merit as it relates to a significant and important challenge for many financial advice firms, and that is staying in touch with existing […]

Are you currently trying to recruit financial advisers?

If you are, I feel your pain… This is a really live issue for so many of you out there, and is proving a very difficult nut to crack. Your business has been growing strongly in recent years and there are now lots more clients that require an excellent service from you every year – […]

Get active in your partnerships

Developing a strong partnership with a professional introducer requires skill, patience and most of all – a lot of proactive effort. Yes, some relationships with the likes of accountants begin with a couple of clients being introduced to you, but this usually peters out if that ongoing commitment to keeping the partnership alive quietly falls […]

5 ways to increase your income in 2024

Times are good in general in the financial advice space. Most advisers are pretty much flat out, looking after your clients and building a better business. Growing your business remains front and centre for most of you, so here are five high-level areas that can help you achieve your growth goals. While some of the […]

Your role as a financial therapist

I really think the importance of the role that financial planners play in the lives of your clients cannot be highlighted enough… To think of your role solely in terms of products, investments and even financial plans simply doesn’t do it justice. Each of these are important, but in terms of the lifetime benefits that […]