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4 ways to increase your income in 2022, without new clients

Most advisers that I’m talking to have had another strong year in 2021. You’ve attracted some new clients, your existing clients have needed reviews and sometimes revised product solutions to reflect their changed circumstances, and markets have performed well again in 2021 resulting in increased trail income. But it’s not all one way traffic… I’m […]

Take out earnings or re-invest?

Like many of your peers, I hope you’ve had a strong business year in 2021. If so, hopefully that leaves you with the enviable situation of having to decide what to do with the surplus cash in your business. While I’m certainly no accountant and the views of your own accountant should certainly be sought, […]

Cough, cough – I need to talk to you about our fees…

One of the areas of greatest challenge for financial planners in Ireland today is increasing the level of your fees / trail commission from the levels that you are currently charging. But time marches along, and often when you actually turn to really examining the issue, many advisers find that their charges haven’t increased at […]

Are your Calls to Action working?

When helping financial advice businesses review their marketing approaches, one of the foremost digital assets that gets a lot of attention is of course the company’s website. While there are many aspects to reviewing a site – the design, ease of travel through the site, quality of content and search performance being among the main […]

Can you stand over your charges?

Lots of the conversations that we’re having with financial advisers are in relation to the ongoing value you are providing, and the cost being charged for delivery of that value. However if we are to be completely truthful, it doesn’t always start out from that point….   Quite a number of the conversations start out […]

Do you do business with family?

This subject came from a conversation I had recently with a young adviser – well at least he’s a good few years younger than me! As we were discussing target markets and where his clients come from, we had a very engaging conversation about doing business with family. This adviser has actively steered clear of […]